Wow! Gigantic Animals That Actually Exist

Looking way back into the history of animals, it’s easy to say that dinosaurs were huge. So were many other species of animals, but as humans and other predators increased in population, animals no longer grew to their once giant-size. Today, animal gigantism mostly occurs on islands, where the animals are isolated from the colonies on the mainland. Animals inhabiting islands have fewer predators and often more resources for food and water. What’s interesting about most of the animals on this list, however, is that many eat the same portion sizes as their regular-size counterparts.

Here are some modern-day gigantic animals that you didn’t know existed- #6 will give you nightmares.

Owner Says 3,682 Pound Bull Is “All Muscle”

In 2009, a bull from England named Field Marshall weighed a staggering 3,682 pounds. This was of particular note because one year earlier he weighed 300 pounds less. Owner Arthur Duckett, 80, told the media: “He’s in very good health and there’s no reason why he won’t keep on growing.

He’s only eight and unless something unforeseen happens he will get bigger and bigger. But he’s not fat – he’s all muscle. I could feed him heavier but I don’t want to make him look grotesque, I want him to be healthy and put on weight naturally. That’s why I keep him outdoors in a field and not inside.”


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