How to Prepare Natural Insecticide

If you want to get rid of pests in your garden or home, you can always get an insecticide at your local store. It may be a harsh chemical that you don’t want in your home, though. You might prefer to use natural insecticide. If you do, you can prepare your own.

If you get some boric acid powder, you can mix up all kinds of natural insecticide. For ants, you can put together a tablespoon of boric acid, a teaspoon of sugar, and some water. Put it on a cotton ball and set it out where ants go. Getting rid of ants will also decrease the possibility of having aphids.

For roaches, it’s simple. Just set out the powder where the roaches run. Boric acid can be mixed with a non-toxic version of anti-freeze called propylene glycol to kill termites. A natural insecticide can be made that is safe for use around children and pets just by using boric acid and household ingredients. You can mix the acid with water in a 10% solution for use on surfaces.

You can make a natural insecticide for use on small pests that you get on plants. You can make a garlic spray. Take a good amount of garlic and chop it up finely. Add paraffin oil and soak it for a full day.

Next, dissolve some soap in water and slowly add that. After you stir it up, strain it in cheese cloth. Only store it in a container that is made of glass. Your natural insecticide is ready to use.

For aphids, you can make a natural insecticide that is a stinging nettle spray. Just take some nettles and soak them in water for about three weeks. After this is finished fermenting, dilute it with water. It is ready to spray.

There are several methods for killing the Colorado potato beetle. You can make a natural insecticide tea by soaking cedar chips. Then make it into a spray to apply to leaves.

Another foliage spray used as a natural insecticide against this destructive pest is tansy spray. Dry out the tansy and grind it up. You can do this with a mortar and pestle if you have one. Then, mix it with water to make the spray.

For cutworms, you can make another natural insecticide spray by using pineapple weed and water mixed together as a natural insecticide. Or, you can use sagebrush extract with water. If you just want to immobilize them, you can mix molasses with bran and sawdust. Put this on plants in the evening.

Tomato hornworms destroy tomatoes and other crops. For a natural insecticide, you can lightly cover the area around the plants with cornmeal they will try to eat it. Their digestive systems can’t handle it and they will pop.

A spray can be made as a natural insecticide for many small soft-bodied bugs. You use a spoonful of canola oil and a few drops of liquid soap. This gets rid of mealy bugs, aphids, and mites.

There are many other kinds of natural insecticide that can be used to get rid of pests. You can’t concoct them all in your own kitchen, either. However, when you can, it makes using natural insecticide that much easier.


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