12 Steps To Ensure Your Pet’s Safety & Comfort During Diwali

• Keep your pets indoor to ensure their safety. If they run around, allow them to hide in the safest corners of the home.

• Keep the noise of crackers at minimum in the house by drawing in all the doors and windows including curtains.

• Keep plenty of food and water for your pets but do not force them to eat as they are already anxious.

• Don’t leave your pet alone anytime in between the festive season.

• Take your pet on a walk during the day time on the celebration day to make him feel good.

• Make sure to keep medicines after consulting the vet, for your pets to calm in the heavy noise situation.

• Make sure that your pet is wearing a collar and name tag with your phone number on it.

• Carry a full-size picture of the pets you feed or those who live in your society to circulate it in case of lost.

• Be prepared with first aid kit to help any injured pet that you come across during the festival.

• Stay in touch with your local NGO and save contact details of private local ambulance.

• Create a Whatsapp group of animal lovers to communicate during any case of emergency.

• Show your support towards unknown animals too and volunteer in circulating their details.

• Circulate this message at the earliest to save lives, it can make a difference.


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