Look for places where it’s safe to take your pup

Some places also hold puppy “Play Times” for young dogs that are not fully vaccinated, kind of the same thing they do with kids. You also want to avoid public areas where people take dogs that may not be vaccinated. That being said, when your puppy is between eight and sixteen weeks, you should still attempt to socialize your dog.

Exposing your puppy to a wide variety of people will help with their mental soundness later in life. This includes adults, children, people with hats on, people with beards, people with disabilities – basically, as many different types of people as possible. You can also carry your dog into many stores at this age for extra exposure to humans, but do not put him down; he’s not ready yet. Any pet shop, as well as places like large hardware stores, welcomes dogs and will understand what you’re trying to accomplish. The wide exposure to a variety of people helps build their mental stability by reducing fear and insecurity, which is vital later in life.

Along with this comes exposure to different places, different smells and different noises. You should gradually introduce your puppy to as many different things as you can to help him become comfortable and confident. On the flip side, be mindful of making your puppy’s world too big too quickly. You can do more harm than good by bringing a puppy you have had for one day to a huge store with tons of noise and people!


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