Protection for your Horse’s Health: Horse Insurance

When we get sick or injured, many of us find that the medical expenses are covered by insurance, which is typically through our employers.

Medical insurance can also be purchased for horses. Horses are extremely expensive animals, and many of their medical treatments are even more expensive than the comparable treatments for humans, so insurance can really save you a lot of money. Avoid debt and care for your horse in the best way possible by getting medical insurance for your horse—just be sure that you learn a little about animal medical insurance before you sign any papers.

Because a horse is considered property, medical insurance for horses differs greatly from that for humans. It falls somewhere between the insurance you’d by for your own health and the insurance you’d buy for your home or car. There are many different things covered in horse medical insurance, so make sure you know what you are buying.

First, you have the kind of insurances that seem most to consider the horse as your property. Mortality insurance is common for horses that are very valuable, such as show horses or racehorses. This is a payment you get if the horse dies an untimely death. You may also buy loss of use insurance, which is coverage if the horse cannot perform its intended purpose. For example, a racehorse that breaks a leg and can no longer run would be covered under this insurance. Specifically under this category is breeding infertility insurance. In this kind of insurance, you will be covered if you purchase a mare or stallion for breeding purposes and they later are unable to do so.

There is also insurance that covers your horse like medical insurance. Most commonly, horse owners will purchase major medical insurance, which helps to pay for vet bills. Like human medical insurance, there is typically a co-pay amount or deductible and caps on how much can be spent in a year. Surgical insurance can also be purchased. This is like medical insurance, but only covers specific procedures.

Horses can be very expensive, and if you thought you had to pay a lot of money when you took a dog to the vet, you will be unhappy to see a horse vet’s bills! However, your horse does deserve the best medical care possible. Because horses are also such big investments, covering your property for losses is important as well. The bottom line is that you should consider horse insurance. It may save you thousands of dollars in the end.


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