Things to Buy Before You Pick Up Your Puppy

Bringing Home a New Puppy Dog – Puppy Supplies Checklist

Things to Buy Before You Pick Up Your Puppy

Ready to bring home your new best friend? Make sure you have everything you need –– from collars to cleaning supplies –– to make your first moments as a family fun and stress free.

It’s important to plan ahead for a new puppy’s arrival. Be sure to use this checklist to pick up puppy supplies in preparation.

Collar and Leash – Pick a collar and make sure it is snug, but not too tight. A six-foot leash will keep your pup safe and close during walks but also allow some room for exploration.
Crate and Bed – Puppies and young dogs can benefit from being trained to sleep in a crate. It helps with potty training, and keeps your dog – and pillows – safe when you’re not home. Buy a large enough crate that your pup can grow and still be comfortable.
Toys – Having a few different toys on hand when you get home will help with a teething and energetic puppy.
Cleaning Supplies – When housebreaking a puppy dog, accidents are going to happen. Be sure to stock up on puppy essentials such as paper towels and carpet and floor cleaner.





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