Are you ready for your puppy’s first car ride

Are you ready for your puppy's first car ride-petsourcing

Bringing home your new puppy might be the first time they ride in the car. Read some pointers on what to do before, during and after introducing your puppy to the car.

The car ride home can present lots of new experiences for your brand new furry friend. Take this checklist into account to make bringing home your pup as comfortable as possible.

  • Scent Towel – Rub a towel or t-shirt on your puppy’s mom and littermates to bring their scent home and help ease the transition to a new home.
  • Introduce the Car – When it’s time to leave, let your puppy dog spend some time sniffing and exploring before leaving to help him become familiar with the car.
  • Travel Crate – Some dog owners purchase travel crates to give their pup a secure, consistent environment to travel in.
  • Cleaning Supplies – Order some puppy pads, paper towels and garbage bags to bring along in case your puppy gets carsick or has an accident.





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