Helping Your Cat Survive Your Move

Moving into a new home is stressful for most of us.  Humans understand the reasoning, but cats don’t.  Changing your cat’s environment will need to be done gently and with patience.

It is normal for a cat to hide for a few days when moving into a new place.  He is nervous and unsure of where he can go and what is going on.  He may be worried that you will leave him alone and not return.  Some cats will act out aggressively at this point, showing their displeasure in hissing and biting.  Be patient, he will adjust.

It can help if you confine your cat to only one room when you first move.  Make sure he has food and water and his litter box.  Provide him with his usual sleeping blanket and some familiar toys.  All these will give him comfort and make the new environment more familiar.

Having more than one cat at a time like this is ideal.  They will stick together and find comfort.  You may find two cats who, until now, were barely tolerant of each other will become friendly and form a lasting bond.  Going through a confusing situation together will cement that bonding.

Make sure you give your cat extra attention during this time.  He will sense your mood and the stress you feel at moving may increase his.  Try to stay calm when interacting with him.  If possible, make the room he is confined to the bedroom.  This way, he will have you available at night.

In time, your cat will be back to ruling his domain.  All it takes is a little time and a lot of patience.  Following the above steps may make each of you deal with a move more effectively.


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