Hot Kitty! Cat Safety in Warm Weather

If you live in a climate that has sticky, hot, summer days, you may find yourself longing for cooler days. Your cat will definitely agree!

In warm weather, it is necessary for you to care for your cat’s healthy so that he or she does not become overheated. Remember, a pet is like a newborn baby—your cat cannot tell you that he or she is hot or uncomfortable. You have to notice warning signs and provide a good living environment so that your cat does not get too hot.

When you take your pet places during the summer, never ever let your cat inside of a parked car, even for a short time. Cars quickly become ovens in the summertime, even when you park in the shade, or even if you have the windows cracked. Your pet will not be able to alert people in order to get out of your car safely. In as little as ten to fifteen minutes, your pet could die from the heat in a parked car, and parking in the shade does little good to prevent this, since the sun continuously moves and the heat of the air alone will be bad for your pet. If your pet will be going with you, make sure that cats are allowed wherever you will be.

When the heat index is high, keep your cats inside. Cats that are not outdoors most of the time won’t know where the cooler places to hide are, or they may find these cooler places and not return home. Hot asphalt can also wreak havoc on a cat’s health, as it can burn his or her sensitive paw pads. If your cat does not use a litter box and instead goes outside, make sure that he or she is let back inside after only a few minutes on the hottest days of the summer. Basically, if it is recommended that seniors and children stay inside, it is good for pets to stay indoors as well.

Keep your cat well groomed during the summer as well. Brushing you cat often will help get rid of the excess hair that has been shed and is weighing down the animal. If your cat has very long hair or is overweight, provide him or her with an air-conditioned room if possible. Preventing overheating is key.

As always, make sure your cat has access to clean, fresh water. This can be tap water, but should be cool and changed multiple times a day when it is hot outside. Your furry feline is very important in your life, so make sure that he or she gets proper care when the summer days make your sweat.


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