Understanding Reptiles

Did you think a frog is a reptile? Maybe it would help to learn the difference in reptiles and amphibians.

Amphibians can’t travel far from a water source because their skin would dry out. Their eggs wouldn’t survive either since they must be laid in water. Reptiles, on the other hand, already have tough hard scaly skin.

Snakes are well-known and feared reptiles. Many people simply misunderstand the snake. It’s a benefit to the balance of nature. They consume rodents, amphibians, and insects as well as providing a source of food to other animals. They’re valuable additions to our animal world because of the importance as predators and as prey.

Many people kill snakes without knowing whether or not they are dangerous. Some snakes are “good” snakes in the way that they kill the bad snakes. Those annoying mice are controlled because of the snake population, too. But before you decide that you’d rather have a bigger mouse population than snakes, you would surely agree that everything was created for a reason. Just because you may be scared of something does not mean it is less important to our world.

Have you ever struck out in fear, by instinct or reflex? Sometimes a reptile is forced to do the same thing in order to survive. It doesn’t stop to think first because the time could cost it a life. Snakes do not strike out because they hate humans, lizards do not bite because they are holding a grudge, snapping turtles do not snap because they don’t like the blouse you decided to wear today. A reptile attacks because it feels threatened or because it is hungry.

If you live in an area where the venomous snake population is higher than normal or maybe your chance of coming into contact with such is higher, you may want to purchase a Sawyer Pump Extractor. This handy little machine suctions out the venom from the bite, reducing your chances of more serious illness or death.

There are some helpful do’s and don’ts to know once you’ve been bit. Of course, you should get away from the snake first. Although it is scary, you will less affected if you can make yourself stay as calm as possible. Remove jewelry that may become binding should your arm or hand swell from a bite. Wrap a wide band of material or elastic bandage above the bite area and leave in place until proper medical help is achieved. Do not wrap this too tightly. Alert an emergency center of your upcoming visit if possible.

Don’t take any alcohol or drugs as this may interfere with your treatment once you arrive at the medical center. It could also inhibit your ability to get there if you are forced to drive yourself. Applying ice or electric shock of any kind is not advised.

It will help to pay attention to the reptile that bit you so that you can relate the information to the medical personnel when you get help. It may help them identify your needs quicker.


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