Bringing Home a New Puppy Dog

petsourcing-Bringing Home a New Puppy Dog

Welcoming Your New Puppy Home

As your new puppy gets settled at home, remember to pencil in these tasks to ensure a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog.

Even though you have now brought your puppy home there are a few important things that need to be taken care of to ensure a healthy, happy puppy.

  • Find a Vet – Find a veterinarian in your area and schedule an appointment for a few days after getting your pup home. Your vet will likely want to discuss spaying/neutering your puppy dog as well as scheduling preliminary vaccines.
    • Spay/Neuter – Some adoption agencies spay/neuter puppies before being adopted out. If your puppy has not been spayed/neutered talk to your vet about the benefits of having your dog spayed or neutered.
    • Vaccines – Your veterinarian will be able to recommend and administer vaccines to help keep your growing puppy happy and healthy.
    • Banfield Veterinarians – With locations across the United States, there may be a trusted veterinarian network in your area.
  • Training – Every breed or mixed breed of dog can benefit from some level of formal training. Find a reputable trainer in your area and start with the basics – come, sit, stay, etc.
  • Choosing the Right Food – It’s important to pick a puppy food formula that addresses the needs of your pup’s breed and size and provides enough nutrition for your growing puppy.





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